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Ved en enkel invistering kan du bygge om din vanlige printer til en professional printer med automatisk påfyll av blekk,
samtidig som du senker prisen på dine utskrifter til et minimum.

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Scorpio Autorefill - Hva er det?

As most owners of inkjet printers know, you printer utilizes cartridges filled with small amounts of inks to fulfill your printing demands. Once the ink is consumed, you normally have to buy a new cartridge to replace the used one, often at exorbitant costs. The used cartridges often have a use life span that far exceeds the volume of ink provided in the cartridge. In the past the only way to re-use the cartridge was to manually refill them with ink. Manual refilling is a very economical solution if you have the time and if your print volume is relatively low.

High volume users often don't have the time to be constantly refilling cartridges by hand. Today's new cartridge designs can make refilling by hand even more time consuming with complex access requirements and manufacturer's tricks to make filling the cartridges by hand more difficult.

The Scorpio Inking System, nicknamed SIS, addresses the issues high volume users and owners of more complex cartridges face. The SIS utilize the cartridge's very design to facilitate automatic replenishment of the cartridge with ink from external reservoir bottles.

In the operation of an unmodified inkjet cartridge, ink is consumed and is slowly replaced by air in the cartridge. The end result is that, once the ink is used up in the cartridge, you have a cartridge full of air. The SIS trades ink for ink instead of ink for air, performing two functions. First, the SIS helps maintain the operational pressure requirements for the cartridge to operate normally. Second, the SIS continuously maintains the same levels of ink in the cartridge at all times.

So how is this done? A modified set of cartridges are fitted with special capillary tubing which can then extend the capacity of the cartridge to a set of external reservoir bottles. This modified cartridge set-up is called a SIS Module and represents the heart of all of our SIS. The external bottles then become the primary reservoir for your cartridges. When ink is present in the reservoir bottles it is automatically dispensed to the cartridges in your printhead through the tubing whenever ink is consumed in printing. This is a 1 for 1 exchange, so you cartridge's ink levels always remain full. You need only top off the reservoir bottles periodically to keep the system running. It takes any 1 or 2 minutes to top off the bottles, and our Professional Starter Systems are equipped with reservoir bottles that can be topped off while the printer is working.

We also address the issue of "smart chips" quite simply. Smart chips are small E-PROM devices affixed to your cartridges which record ink usage data used to report to the user when a cartridge requires replacement. In order to continue using the cartridge beyond one (1) use this chip must be reset.

When a SIS is used on a printer that utilizes "smart chips" we offer external reset device (sold as a separate product).

A SIS is commonly used for high volume printing or with low volume users who have difficulty performing manual refills, although anyone can use a SIS as long as they perform the regular inspection and maintenance (about 15 minutes of time once a week).

A SIS system has a higher up front cost than manual refill systems. This is countered by the ease of use and the money saved in time, since you have cut out all of the labor associated with manual refill kits. Over the long run ink costs can run as low as the equivalent of $0.50 per cartridge, which is a far cry from the average cost per cartridge of between $3.00 to $50.00 per cartridge for ready to use OEM and 3rd party inkjet cartridges.

The most commonly found SIS are for Canon and Epson brand inkjet printers. We are currently researching modification options for HP and Lexmark brand printers.

Autorefill til CanonAutorefill til EpsonAutorefill til HP
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